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Tektronix 1761 PAL Component Waveform/Vector Monitor

PAL Component Waveform/Vector Monitor

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The 1740A/1750A/1760 Series make up a family of analog video waveform/vector monitors with progressive features in support of today's demanding television environment.

Each model in the series provides improved video performance and ease of operation and incorporates application-specific features. The family includes the 1740A Series composite analog waveform/vector monitors, the 1750A Series, which adds SCH and color frame verification capabilities, and the 1760 Series for mixed-format component/composite applications. (While the 1740A and 1750A do provide basic component waveform monitoring capabilities with parade and overlay displays, only the 1760 provides full component monitoring capabilities.)

Each series includes models for NTSC, PAL, or dual-standard NTSC/PAL operation. For NTSC models, the last digit of the model number is '0' (1740A, 1750A, or 1760); '1' for PAL (1741A, 1751A, or 1761); and '5' for dual-standard NTSC/PAL (1745A, 1755A, or 1765).

The family features a common, straightforward operator interface, allowing the operator to take immediate advantage of the instrument's extensive feature set. Each operating mode provides a full set of operating controls, clearly labeled and within easy reach. Key controls are always available, with bezel buttons and knobs identified by intuitive on-screen labels.
  • Composite or Component Waveform Monitoring
  • Composite Vector Display
  • Picture Display
  • Stereo Audio Display
  • Time Code Phasing and Amplitude
  • SCH and Color Framing Display
  • Component Vector, Lightning, Diamond, and Bowtie


  • Analog Baseband Video Monitoring for Broadcast and Postproduction Applications

74 White CRT phosphor
SC SCH/Color Framing

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