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  Impedance Analyzers
  LCR Meters
  Transformer &
Wound Components

  Impulse/Surge Tester
  Modulation Meter
  DC Power Supplies
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     Precision Impedance Analyzers


6505B 20Hz to 5MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6510B 20Hz to 10MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6515B 20Hz to 15MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6520B 20Hz to 20MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6530B 20Hz to 30MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6550B 20Hz to 50MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
65120B 20Hz to 120MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
6565 DC Bias Unit used with 6500 series precision Analyzers
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     LCR Meters and Component Analyzers


4310 20Hz to 100kHz LCR Meter
4320 20Hz to 200kHz LCR Meter
4350 20Hz to 500kHz LCR Meter
43100 20Hz to 1MHz LCR Meter
6430B 20Hz to 500kHz Precision Component Analyzer
6440B 20Hz to 3MHz Precision Component Analyzer
6505P 20Hz to 5MHz HF LCR Meters
6510P 20Hz to 10MHz HF LCR Meters
6515P 20Hz to 15MHz HF LCR Meters
6520P 20Hz to 20MHz HF LCR Meters
6530P 20Hz to 30MHz HF LCR Meters
6550P 20Hz to 50MHz HF LCR Meters
65120P 20Hz to 120MHz HF LCR Meters
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     Transformer & Wound Components


3255B 20 Hz to 500 kHz Inductance Analyzer
3255BL 20 Hz to 200 kHz Inductance Analyzer
3255BQ 20 Hz to 1 MHz Inductance Analyzer
3260B 20 Hz to 3 MHz Precision Magnetics Analyzer
3265B/5A 1MHz 5A DC bias unit
3265B/10A 1MHz 10A DC bias unit
3265B/25A 1MHz 25A DC bias unit
3265BQ/25A 3MHz 25A DC bias unit
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3261A Telecom Unit
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     Impulse/Surge Tester


7720/C2 2 port Impulse Winding Tester
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     Modulation Meter


257 257 Series Automatic Modulation Meters
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     DC Power Supplies


AP2080 500 Watt, 0-20 VDC, 0-80 IDC
AP7030 500 Watt, 0-70 VDC, 0-30 IDC
AP4005 500 Watt, 0-400 VDC, 0-5 IDC
AP3080 1000 Watt, 0-30 VDC, 0-80 IDC
AP6050 1000 Watt, 0-60 VDC, 0-50 IDC
AP10030 1000 Watt, 0-100 VDC, 0-30 IDC
AP30250 3000 Watt, 0-30 VDC, 0-250 IDC
AP60150 3000 Watt, 0-60 VDC, 0-150 IDC
AP10090 3000 Watt, 0-100 VDC, 0-90 IDC
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1006 4-terminal component fixture (1MHz
1008 Telecom Fixture
1009 High Current Fixture
1100 Protection Unit
1505 4-terminal lead
1905A SMD probe leads
A40100 Kelvin Clips (fine jaw)
A40120 SMD tweezers
A40180 Kelvin Clips (large jaw)