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Amplifier Modules

Low Power Amplifier
Systems <50W

Mid Power Amplifier
Systems >50W

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     Amplifier Modules


SWPA-00210-1 Wideband Amplifier; 20 - 1000 MHz, 50 Ohm
SWPA-00210-4 Wideband Amplifier; 20 - 1000 MHz, 50 Ohm
SWPA-00210-20 Wideband Amplifier; 20 - 1000 MHz, 50 Ohm
SWPA-05027-10 Wideband Amplifier; 500 - 2700 MHz, 50 Ohm
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     Low Power Amplifier Systems <50W


PAS-00023-25 Broadband Power Amplifier; 0.15 - 230 MHz, 25 Watts CW
PAS-00260-10 Broadband Power Amplifier; 20 - 6000 MHz, 10 Watts CW
PAS-20060-20 Broadband Power Amplifier; 2000 - 6000 MHz, 20 Watts CW
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     Mid Power Amplifier Systems >50W


PAS-000110-50 Broadband Power Amplifier: 1 - 1000 MHz, 50 Watts CW
PAS-00210-80 Broadband Power Amplifier; 20 - 1000 MHz, 80 Watts CW
PAS-08042-60 Broadband Power Amplifier; 800 - 4200 MHz, 60 Watts CW
PAS-08025-200 Broadband Power Amplifier; 800 - 2500 MHz, 200 Watts CW
PAS-20060-60 Broadband Power Amplifier; 2000 - 6000 MHz, 60 Watts CW

Since 2002, Spanawave Corporation and its parent company have been supplying customers worldwide in the commercial, industrial, aerospace, and military markets with RF, IF, and Microwave Components, Assemblies, Transceivers, and Test Fixtures covering from DC to 26GHz band.

Spanawave's objective is to design and manufacture the products their customers want and sell them at the best possible prices from stock without sacrificing quality. With focus on rapid response to customer needs, Spanawave's innovative designs and stringent quality standards make them ready to become an integral part of the most demanding supply chains in the world.

As Spanawave moves into the future, they continually invest in their products and technology exclusively in their research and development center in Roseville, CA (USA). In addition, all their engineered products are manufactured in their assembly facilities in USA with utmost care for quality and repeatability.